Word Ministry and Discipleship

The first stream we developed was Word Ministry and Discipleship. Everything in the local church ought to be under the  ministry of the Word. Every program needs to share the vision of what is proclaimed from the pulpit every week. In this stream, then, we will teach you how to study the Bible with a view to preparing talks, sermons, sermonettes, devotions and Bible studies that are not only exegetically faithful but capable of being applied to the life of the congregation.

You will be required to attend and participate in the Preaching and Teaching class where you will deliver talks to your fellow interns who will constructively critique you on the content, delivery and various aspects of your talk. Beyond this, you will be partnered with an Elder and with members of the congregation so that you can be discipled and discipling others, as this is a key responsibility of leadership in the local church.

You will be required to write talks each week, and to read widely on the topics of preaching, Biblical and Systematic Theology, as well as present papers on certain theological issues that require a definitive Biblical position. These will benefit you in your future ministry.


Women’s Ministry

Our women’s ministry stream is an exciting opportunity for women who are eager to be engaging in meaning discipleship with other women in the Titus 2 model. Working alongside the Church Leadership and the Women’s Ministry Committee, interns on this track will be trained and utilised in the intentional discipleship of other women.

Further to this training, they will be tasked with reading books on discipleship, women’s ministry and how women’s ministry fulfils a vital role in the local church. Part of the coursework of this stream will require writing papers on various aspects of women’s ministry, such as navigating conflict, methods of encouraging women in the church to enter meaningful discipleship, the role of Biblical teaching in discipleship, how mentoring benefits the local church, and other topics pertinent to a practical theology of women’s ministry.


Pastoral Ministry Experience

Pastoral ministry is a practical thing, not something that can be taught in the classroom. Our pastoral ministry experience stream is designed to give interns an opportunity to learn about the many forms of counselling, visitation, discipleship, evangelism and compassionately loving people through times of difficulty such as sickness and death.

Interns will work alongside the Associate Pastor and Visitation Pastor, researching, reading and writing on topics as requested and required. Coursework will involve reading books on grief, counselling, discipleship and pastoral ministry, as well as writing position papers on various topics. Part of this stream will require interns to write a reflection on a situation they have encountered at MBC, detailing what the situation was, how it was handled, and their reflections upon this. (This reflection paper will be confidential.)

This stream of our internship can be placed alongside another stream, or taken as a stand-alone option.


Evangelism and Church Planting

Evangelism is the lifeblood of the church, which, along with the sweat of discipleship, breeds a healthy church. Interns who undertake the Evangelism and Church Planting Stream will be required to be actively involved in various methods of evangelism, from ‘cold-call’ conversations to relationship-building and participating in church-led evangelistic events and courses (such as Christianity Explored).

If you want to specialize in Church Planting, then we will train you in various aspects of this ministry, with the view to equipping you to go out from MBC and plant where the Lord leads you. There is no guarantee of support, although MBC does take church planting extremely seriously.


Youth Ministry

Do you have what it takes to be an intern with our youth? If you feel led to work with young people, either over a Summer or as part of full-time vocational ministry, then our Youth Ministry Internship is for you! You will be actively involved in the work and life of our youth work, ranging from participating in events, leading games and banter nights, as well as helping our Youth Director develop teaching curricula for the upcoming semester.

You won’t be left alone to flounder, but will receive training and discipleship to ensure that you develop your skills as a youth leader, all the while having fun and acting like a kid!

As a youth intern, you will research various methods of youth ministry and write a position paper on the method you support, articulating why you feel this way considering what Scripture says. Depending on the duration of your youth internship, you will be tasked with intentional discipleship of some of our youth, helping them to mature and grow as believers.