To be a part of our internship it is required that you be a believer in the Gospel, and have a desire to deepen your knowledge of Christ. You must be eager to serve the local church in any and all appropriate capacities, as Biblical leadership is fundamentally about service. Study our statement of faith and governing documents to learn more about who we are, and the type of theological teaching you will receive during your time with us.

Currently, MBC does not offer a stipend for our interns, though we endeavour to cover gas mileage and ministry-related expenses. It is your responsibility to ensure you are financially prepared for the internship.

If you wish to undertake the internship at MBC and also gain credit from your seminary, you will need to provide the necessary information to ensure the syllabus we craft for you is rigorous enough to satisfy the academic requirements of your seminary.

If you feel that the MBC Internship is something that would interest you, contact Pastor Tim to schedule an interview with the Elders.