Milford Bible Church Leadership Institute


At MBC it is our vision to be a church that is intentional about discipleship, and one key way we can do this is by inviting Interns to come and work for us as part of their seminary education. This allows us, as a congregation, to invest in the future ministers of the Kingdom of God with our time, our resources, our prayer and our support, while we also benefit from being a training ground for them to ‘cut their teeth’ in practical, on-the-ground, ministry.

The MBC Biblical Leadership Internship Program is not solely for men desiring to be preaching pastors, however. We have streams for men and women in Youth Ministry, Discipleship, Women’s Ministry and Biblical Studies, all of which serve to develop a deeper Biblical knowledge, a framework for Biblical teaching and a skilled approach to applying that knowledge in the local church context. If, after serving as an Intern, you decide staff ministry isn’t for you, you’ll still be able to look back and see how you’ve grown and developed – it won’t be time wasted!

Our interns will interact in many ways with the body of the church, serving in areas that will help them to develop their skills, but also serving in areas that will help them appreciate the diverse and multi-faceted entity that is the modern, local church. Beyond the practical aspects of ministry, the Interns will continue with their studies for seminary, and will also be required to do theological papers and expositional excerpts on issues they encounter during their time at MBC.


Why an Internship?

If you’re considering undertaking an internship, but aren’t sure why, here are a number of key reasons to think through:

Working for a local church is multi-faceted and often the reality of day-to-day ministry is not what you think it is. Taking time to devote to serving in a local church can help you see what ministry looks like from the inside. It isn’t always easy, and often isn’t pretty, but it is the task that God calls many of us to. Participating in an internship will help show you what to expect.

Further to simply seeing what ministry looks like, our internship will help you prepare for ministry in practical ways, be it visitation, preaching and teaching, discipling or your appropriate area of ministry. We will work with you to ensure that you receive the best on-the-ground training available so that your ministry won’t merely ‘happen’, but it will be intentional.

Finally, an internship will give you an opportunity to learn alongside other interns. This will give you opportunity to learn from them, as well as with them, so that, together, you are able to grow in numerous ways, as you think through various assignments and tasks together. You will also be able to cultivate these friendships into lifelong partnerships for your Gospel ministry, which will be indispensable to you in the years ahead.