Duration of Internship

Life can be extremely busy, and although the idea of doing an internship can seem interesting and enjoyable, the reality of ‘life’ may mean you think you can’t do it. This is not the case. At MBC, we will work with you to ensure that you maximise the time you can dedicate to the internship, while also being careful to respect your family and work life.

The internship is time-consuming, especially if you desire to gain as much from it as you can. However, this shouldn’t put you off. Contact us and have a conversation about your availability to see if we can accommodate your schedule, whilst also ensuring that you are trained and developed to be more effective in your ministry.

Our Internships are structured around the academic year. There are three options:

3 months (Summer Internship – especially effective for Youth Ministry)

5 months (Semester Internship – especially useful for a practical study for college/seminary)

12 months (Seminal Internship – especially useful for Word and Discipleship and Pastoral Ministry Streams)